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Causal Data Science Meeting 2023, November 7-8, 2023 (online, jointly organized with colleagues at Maastricht University and Copenhagen Business School). Join the "industry-meets-academia" conference and listen to wonderful Keynote speakers.


Welcome! I’m an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Maastricht University. My recent research interests include crowdfunding, causal inference in business strategy, and applied machine learning. Besides my research, I enjoy teaching entrepreneurship courses or empirical methods to Bachelor, Master, MBA, and PhD students. Most recently, I co-launched and the Causal Data Science Meeting with colleagues at Maastricht University and Copenhagen Business School.

I obtained my PhD in 2019 from RWTH Aachen University. During my graduate studies and PhD, I was a visiting researcher at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence at the Sloan School of Management and Collective Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab. I studied at Witten/Herdecke University, Germany, and was a visiting student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. I am a co-founder of the startup Moviegalaxies, providing open-source network data on Harvard DataVerse. In 2014-2015, I worked in a research project on data analytics in soccer for a Bundesliga club, specializing on complexity in passing networks.

Together with co-authors, I have published on using machine leaning to predict outcomes in crowdfunding with text, speech, and video information, on predicting venture capital investments with crowdfunding data, on experimental studies of psychological distance in product crowdfunding, and on topic models of disruptive innovation research.


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